Wednesday, August 5, 2009

4 August Transit

Today we transit towards the Alboran Sea. This provides a time to talk about one of the most important parts of any ship -- the galley. The Italian cooks on the Alliance make sure that the crew eats at a level that is sure to keep up morale. Breakfast always has fresh focaccia and plenty of espresso. Lunch and dinner have antipasti, primi, secondi, dolci and caffe. I do not know how they keep bringing out such fresh vegetables and fruits so long from port, but the produce is fresh and wonderful. The photo on the top right shows the ship's crew making wooden cylinders for making cannoli. We'll report on the results when we taste them! It is hard to overemphasize how much the dedication and skill of the galley crew contribute to the morale of a ship. Complimenti!

Here is today's menu

Antipasto involtini di prosciutto cotto
Riso al curry
Minestrone vegetale
Trance di pesce in cartoccio
Polpette di zia caterina
Patate prezzemolate
Fagiolini lessi
Frutta fresca/caffe'

Pasta e Ceci
Crema di cipolle
Costatine di agnello alla greca
Parmiggiana di melanzana
Crocchette fritte
Finocchi lessi
Frutta fresca/caffe'